How often have we strolled by those alluring handcrafted pieces of jewelry and other products without witnessing their significance? Maybe it’s because we are not conscious of what goes on in their making behind closed doors. Approximately 16 million people, including women and people from vulnerable sections of society, are involved in the textile and handicrafts industry. As the generations have progressed, the engagement in this sector has reduced.

“How can we bring the hidden and oft-forgotten stories of these people in front of the world?” A start would be by celebrating their talents, valuing their ideas and promoting cultural pride.

At Unnaticraft, we take pride in transforming traditional art to make rural women in marginalised communities self-reliant. Furthermore, each handcrafted product has an emotion and intricacy, of it own. The love the artisan has put into their craft shows through in the warmth of the colours. It’s almost like the artisans have weaved a part of their story into each product they make. Now, let’s dive into the stories of Unnaticraft comforters!

Our comforters are skillfully crafted and created with eco-friendly materials that are built to last, so they’ll stay by your side for the long haul. Furthermore, there are a ton of other features to love.

100% machine washable

Easily washable comforters, anyone? Whenever they require a quick refresh, just toss your comforters in the wash, and they’ll look as good as new.

Exceptionally durable

Our comforters are intended to hold up to multiple washes and are rigorously examined to ensure durability. This signifies having a staple you know will remain for seasons to come.

Sustainably made

Our comforters are consciously crafted with fabric scraps that have not been utilised in other products. These tailoring wastes are reused and upcycled to deliver the best handcrafted comforters. We aim for a zero-waste and sustainable business. It leads to soft but structured styles that are great on elegance and light on the planet.
Each comforter is stitched using approximately 272 squares of leftover fabric and each such square weighs 2.1 grams. Sounds fascinating? Yes, every comforter of ours saves half a kilo of fabric from going into the dustbin.
They are indeed cosy, warm comforters that can comfort you any day, any time.

Unique and Exclusive

No two handstitched comforters are the same. All comforters are made by hand and not mass-manufactured. Thus, you will find a slight difference in every product, and that makes every piece unique. There’s always a slight variation in colour, texture, form, and design of two handmade comforters. And you can mix and match pillows with the colourful comforters.

We have shared with you why our comforters are better. But the best way to realize this is to give them a try. Next time you need to purchase a comforter, go for one from Unnaticraft. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Your next purchase can help promote rural handicrafts and empower the women behind them!